Friday, July 16, 2010


After a two month hiatus working on a new script (otherwise known as drywalling my parents' beachouse) in NY, a two week return is made to Los Angeles for meetings and to hopefully get us much recording done as possible.

Several months ago the naif in me felt that after recording two basic tracks in a day each, we would simply crank out a song a day and be lauded as the most prolific band in the history of music. However, bassist Corey Roderer spoke the wise words, "Ah... dude. Maybe we should finish the songs we started". Damn you and your logic Corey Roederer.

So, today was spent working on the old tracks. While it had to be done, there was something somewhat daunting about the task. I kind of liked the haphazard feel of the unfinished versions. They were sort of rough bastard children that I'd grown to love in my thousand odd iPod plays.

Mercifully my job consisted of lending moral support (aka playing with my Hipstamatic camera app and drinking Corona's) while Henry strapped on his Craig's List acquired Telecaster and actually worked.

By the end of the day Ulysses became dare I say... radio friendly... with a new guitar line that sounds kind of like if Neil Clark of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions borrowed the Edge's guitar gear (In 1984 that could have actually happened).

At the end of the day, plans were made to perhaps find a pedal steel player to work on Confidence and to bring in some female backup vocalists. We now need to bring in Max Biscoe in to lay in his guitar and then in a week two tracks will be done like the proverbial dinner.

So, after a hard day of snapping Hipstamatics I'm now retiring to the dark environs of THE DRAWING ROOM to nurse a cool drink before collapsing from jet lag and heat exhaustion.