Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Waiting for Corey Roederer our stalwart bassist to arrive and chaperone me to day one of tracking. The old fears of committing to anything (relationships, words on a page, song structure) are coming back but are nothing that the fine people at Cazadores and Pfiser can't help with). While it's a wee bit early for a shot of tequila, I do feel it's suitably rock and roll to partake, especially if it's going to help the process.

Saw a look a like (or look-e-loo) as they say in Blighty for our guitarist Max at a red light and then a homeless person collecting cans with a "Massive Attack" jacket. Max is from Bristol, home of Massive Attack, perhaps best now known for the HOUSE MD TV theme. I'll accept this again as an omen that the rock gods are smiling. Actually, it's most likely the bubble gum New Order gods that should be smiling... Rock Gods I'm sure would avoid my sensibilities like the plague.

Which brings us to the sound that we're going for. Corey has dubbed us Wilco meets New Order which I think is better than a "Gay sounding" Replacements. Either one works, really however...

The plan for the day is two songs, drums and bass laid down. It seems possible. My sister suggests via email that the blog should be optioned and turned into a screenplay about a bunch of middle aged guys who form a band and record an album late in life and then in turn learn something. I'm hoping it's not "don't leave expensive equipment in an unlocked garage".

I do have the niggling thought that we're going to have to spend some time with a piece of paper going over lyrics, structure, etc. which is always annoying for all involved, especially my because on paper the lyrics appear even crappier than when sung. It's odd, but for a writer, I really can't come up with anything that gets past a Lindsey Lohan "B" side when it comes to lyrics. Sad, but true.

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