Monday, April 26, 2010


Have restrung my semi trusty Gibson 330 that was purchased about six years ago by swapping in two guitars and a little bit of cash to get me the same guitar that Bernard Sumner of New Order sports and Johnny Marr claims is his favorite. With that kind of pedigree I knew I had to have one, and while they're shockingly expensive somehow I've managed to make this part of the guitarsenal.

My strings haven't been changed since New Order last released an album... not in any kind of protest, just out of sheer laziness and fear that I'll do a crap job of it.

Mr. Thomas has graciously given me what appears to be a rather expensive set of Gibson reissue strings which seem appropriate, however now that they're on they seem dangerously low and slightly flat. Could be a problem tomorrow, but the beauty of Electric Thomasland Studios is there are about 15,000 guitars to chose from (burglars take note).

I've also been counting on the fact that we'd do two of Henry's songs tomorrow simply because I'm a neurotic mess and hate things like deciding keys, etc. on songs that I sing on. However I've just gotten a text that he's going to have to head to the doctors since he and the Mrs. are expecting a baby. That means I have to arrive, 12:30'ish prepared to choose a key and an actual structure to two songs.

I shall awake early, attempt to go to a yoga class to de-stress (feel free to punch me in the face for this but I suffer from a genuine anxiety disorder) and then frantically write out lyrics, changes, etc.

Someone said something about it being good to face your fears. Slightly afraid of tomorrow so I guess this is a good thing. I'm also hoping to pick up an SD memory card so we can document some of the goings on.

'Til tomorrow then.

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