Monday, April 26, 2010


Today was day number one of preparations for the first Farspeaker EP, tentatively titled, "Go Tina".

We've essentially rehearsed for five months, sans drums in a garage studio that can only be described as luxe. Due to the combination of Christian and Henry's wife's band along with our group we have assembled an array of equipment that could finance a small war. So, if the whole music thing doesn't work out for us, and you're looking for a regime change... I'm just saying...

The day was off to a good start when after a forty five minute walk down Franklin toward what I affectionately refer to as "Electric Thomasland Studios" I see the familiar Honda Civic of bassist Corey Roederer stopped at a corner. This is a truly random and fortuitous occurrence since this, dear reader, never happens to anyone in LA with the exception of myself. I still maintain the New Yorker's ability to bump into people I know wherever I go, be it LA street corner, freeway or foreign country. This trims a good half hour off my walk and retains probably a good three hundred calories that I was going to burn off.

I arrive to find guitarist, Max Biscoe, crouched outside muttering something that sounds like "I must have a cigarette" but could be "I have to return an email" as he's puttering with both cigarette and Blackberry. Slight delay before Henry lets us into his gated enclave and then it's stand around and nervously await Christian, a "gasp" real musician.

Christian has kindly agreed to both drum and produce our EP and from my dealings in the past he's always been extremely friendly and today proves no different. He plays along with our songs to learn the drum parts and stops us after our first song, telling us that we sound like a wall of sound and not in a good way. We have three guitars you see and with three guitars playing approximately the same thing it's like a bad sonic punch in the face. We agree to divide things up a bit more and carry on this aesthetic for the rest of the rehearsal... Less is more... a motto that while we all knew, ignored simply because when you have a vox AC30 at your disposal sometimes more seems more.

Tomorrow at high noon our band of merry men reconvenes to lay down two scratch tracks to start us on our way to the ultimate goal... Sunset Junction in August.

This is the beginning my friends, and hopefully not the end.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to hear NEW music.

  2. Sunset Junction! F- yeah. Perfect.