Sunday, May 2, 2010

DAY 2.5.5

Okay, I said there wouldn't be more posts until we reconvene in a week and a half to finish the tracks but I felt it only fair to share what the plan is. I believe we're going to attempt the aforementioned Sunset Junction in August and then Henry had the idea of a month long residency at Spaceland.

While we'll have a normal set (yes we have about eight songs right now) we're not such egotists that we don't think the odd cover shouldn't be thrown into the set so perhaps, dear reader, in the the absence of new posts, you can create a virtual cover setlist for us of songs you'd like to hear.

While the rest of the band will I'm sure resist, I was walking down the road today and the image that kept playing in my mind over and over again is standing up at Spaceland, having Anna, Henry's wife join us along with her friend Danica, a familiar beat starts up and from the audience I hear someone say "F#$k, that's 'EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD'".

Oh, yeah. It's gonna be like that.

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