Thursday, May 27, 2010

DAY 3.5

Sitting aka staggering at the keyboard after roughly 14 hours in the studio/dinner party.

Arrived after far too much Turkish coffee and horrible decaf from the place that replaced Victor's Deli on Franklin. The mere fact that they forced someone out of business is further compounded by the dollar surcharge... good times.

Arrived at Electric Thomasland studios to find Henry's friend Mike sitting outside. Mike factors into this story later when a) he offers me Coors Light to easy my vocal stress and b) he watches Evie and Henry Jr. so we can have a massive Partridge Family Thomas jam.

Christian, our producer, arrives around 12PM. We're thrilled to blast through the guitar on Ulysses which I'm slightly concerned sounds like u2 in a bad way (yes there is u2 in a good way from approximately 1979 to 1981). Christian assures me that I'm being neurotic which I buy because a) he has way more indie street cred than I do (read none) and b) I'm playing through Henry's effects and with a borrowed Epiphone Casino Elitist so I'm not totally in my element.

Christian plays back our takes and I'm still not totally convinced but he in his bearded hipster way convinces me that the delay actually marries the guitar line to the track.

We move on to our second song of the day and Christian announces that our scratch guitar track is out of tune. That means that we have to re-do that and the lines I've just laid down. Bummer because the song is 1/2 a step up and we spend the next hour tuning the guitar.

Finally we're in tune and lay down a passible track and then flip through the vocals faster than anything I've ever done (well almost anything). Mike's Coors Silver Bullet eases the process and suddenly it's 4:30 and we have a track...

Christian leaves for the day and I find myself swept up in another Henry/Anna barbecue with their friends Mike, Meredith and Andrew. Andrew it turns out plays drums and after a tremendous amount of eating and watching Andrew play air drums to God knows what via the iPod docking station we all retire to the studio. Andrew plays drums on Trouser Confidence, Anna sings backup and we sound surprisingly tight for two people that have never played with us before. Suddenly it feels like we have a real drummer which is great. (and if Andrew reads this, I mean... ah... it feels like maybe we have someone who might eventually be a drummer with us... no pressure... ah... totally).

We blast through five or so songs including a cover of Depeche Mode's PUPPETS and then that's it for the evening. A pleasant feeling of Mission Accomplished.

And so we sleep.\


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