Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Back in LA and have spent the last week suffering GAS which for the uninitiated is Gear Aquisition Syndrome. Henry announced that he was looking for a "tele" sound which then prompted me to go on a 48 hour telecaster Craig's List binge before finding a 1980's thinline Telecaster from Japan at an incredible price.

I accompanied Henry to the sellers house in Echo Park which can always be a dicy thing (I once purchased a Gretsch off a nice but shady seeming guy who said 'I'm selling the guitar so I can buy food for our tour'. I instantly felt horrible about taking advantage of the fantastic deal I was getting until he said 'What do you think about this Rickenbacker bass I just stole'. I then happily paid up and left hoping to the Karma gods that my new Gretsch wasn't stolen. It turned out that the band he was touring with was The Bravery. I now think of them as kind of like the Killers but worse and with stolen gear.

In any event, my willpower was severely tested by a trip to Highland Park which has music shops that still "gasp" sell used instruments at reasonable prices. I was shocked to find a Japanese 62 reissue telecaster from the 1980's for $450. I tried it out and had that instant moment of being torn between 'this guitar doesn't really suit me' and 'it's so cheap' which is essentially a variation on 'this girl doesn't really suit me' and 'but she's so cute'. Invariably you have to go with what suits you and I passed but it doesn't still stop me from thinking 'what if' in both scenarios.

I also found out an interesting fact that almost all guitar strings are made in the same factory and just repackaged. Thus the next time I hear some yo-yo in a store say "I really love Gibson vintage historic strings they just give me the sound that you can't anywhere else", I won't have to feel remorse about instantly punching him the face (Metaphorically of course).

So, tomorrow recording and then packing up my stuff for NYC with the potential for an opening slot back in LA mid summer for a fairly well known band...

Good night you princes of exile.

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